Cape Quarter
Kloof Street


The NEW, BIGGER and BETTER Zone Milnerton is purposely set at Sable Square Center and is set up to take you to the going with level of prosperity!

Zone Milnerton highlights a completely organized cardio and weights an area and a heart invigorating action studio empowering an accumulation of wellbeing classes.

Free Weights Area: Strength arranging moves more muscle, chops down muscle to fat extent, braces joints and bones and growthes cardiovascular wellbeing. Our Free Weights Area combines:

Dumbbells up to 65 kg

Standard barbell

EZ Curl Bar

Olympic barbells


Security Training

Security Training: Resistance arranging consolidates takes a shot at affecting muscles to contract against an outside affirmation. This kind of development produces quality, tone, mass and continuation. Our Resistance Training hardware wires:

Stomach an area practice machines

Lower body practice machines

Oxygen expending action fuses hones where clearing muscles in arms, legs and hips proceed onward and on, developing heart rate and building cardiovascular wellbeing and energy.

Our Aerobic Studio offers a full degree of high impact rehearse classes. Counsel the Program an area for class offerings and timetables.

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